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the queens - la aroma

the queens - la aroma


the court cards in the tarot carry the personality traits of the suit/ elements that rule over them. la aromas were created with a concentration on the magical/ elemental relation of each note. with the intention to help the wearer deepen their kinship with these elements in order to confidently embody the power of the court card they wish to connect with.

queens, ruled by water, are the point of development in which we are able to return from our (k)nightly exploration of the mind (swords), heart (cups), desire (fire), & roots (earth) with newfound insight. a sense of duty & responsibility is formed, paired with a matured intuitive instinct. we can now begin to comfortably nurture these areas in ourselves into their highest potential. unite with a queen when it is time to deepen a connection, creation, or emotional prudence.

the queens

queen of swords : water + air

analytical focus, intellectual, & communicative 

elemental relations : air/the mind pushes water/the heart into action

notes : lemon, lavender, ylang-ylang, wisteria  

queen of cups : pure water

empathetic, amorous, & emotionally perceptive  

elemental relations : the overflowing cup of genuine love/water

notes : cardamom, sandalwood, vanilla, jasmine • w/ loose rose & catnip

queen of wands : water + fire

inspirational, passionate, & innovative

elemental relations : fire/desire's eruptions are eased by water/the heart

notes : sweet orange, cinnamon, sandalwood

queen of disks : water + earth

grounded, reliable, & tangible ability  

elemental relations : earth/roots are inspired to grow with water/ the heart

notes : cherry, musk, jasmine

may you unknowingly draw a breath throughout your day or night & become reminded of the power behind the scent that has merged & become one with your very own — feel the oneness with the court of your choosing, harness this energy & release it into your word, however you see fit. 

— la aromas are made with all natural essential oil & fragrance blends in fractionated coconut oil. 10ml glass bottle w/ roll-on.

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