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the kings - la aroma

the kings - la aroma


the court cards in the tarot carry the personality traits of the suit/ elements that rule over them. la aromas were created with a concentration on the magical/ elemental relation of each note. with the intention to help the wearer deepen their kinship with these elements in order to confidently embody the power of the court card they wish to connect with.

kings, ruled by air, have come to be due to the careful nourishment of their mind (swords), heart (cups), desire (wands), & roots (disks). many lessons that have presented themselves throughout their life has developed in them great discipline & foresight, making them comfortably capable of tackling any obstacle that comes their way. become allies with a king when it is time for concrete decision making or if an ever lasting impact is the aspiration. 

the kings

king of swords : pure air 

analytical focus, intellectual, & communicative 

elemental relations : the expression of a voice of genuine reason/air

notes : peppermint, tea tree, wisteria, coffee • w/ loose lavender & sage

king of cups : air + water 

empathetic, amorous, & emotionally perceptive  

elemental relations : water/the heart moves with air/the mind's wisdom

notes : cardamom, tea tree, yarrow

king of wands : air + fire

inspirational, passionate, & innovative

elemental relations : fire/desire is pushed into action by air/the mind

notes : lemongrass, frankincense, myrrh

king of disks : air + earth 

grounded, reliable, & tangible ability  

elemental relations : earth/roots are jolted by air/the mind into expansion

notes : sage, yarrow, vetiver  

may you unknowingly draw a breath throughout your day or night & become reminded of the power behind the scent that has merged & become one with your very own — feel the oneness with the court of your choosing, harness this energy & release it into your word, however you see fit. 

— la aromas are made with all natural essential oil & fragrance blends in fractionated coconut oil. 10ml glass bottle w/ roll-on.

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