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dora a. rivas began her solitary studies of the occult during adolescence. with an 11 life path number her affinity with mysticism runs deep, guiding her in the manifestation of spirit into the material world with a focus on the arts, divination, perfumery & plant incarnations. of mexican & guatemalan blood spanning across the southwest into the depths of south america — her ancestors are her greatest allies in maneuvering through the mystical / spiritual world of the modern age. feeling connected to the energy of a particular kind at an early age, with every year that passed she would understand more the purpose of this force & the blessing of it’s existence in her life. the connection feeling so inborn & personal, it would take her quite some time to pursue this energy in a more structured way but in early 2019 she becomes certified in reiki 1.

with a powerful pull towards the influence of plants on all life on earth, she is acutely aware of the life long journey that is her communion with the green world. the first step in this journey is inherently spirit driven, feeling the essence of the plant at hand while honoring it’s medical & mystical folklore. one day, when the time is right & her intimate studies need to expand, she hopes to enroll in an herbalist program — again, bringing structure to the instinctive knowing she feels. at this time dora’s plant work is extremely personal,  plant remedies & spell work involving plant manipulation are intuitively suggested during sessions but are not included or an option. of course, she is happy to answer any questions & speak openly about this work.

having been immersed in her practice for over a decade, it is only natural that over the years it has become clear the persons who are consistently drawn to dora’s way of communicating the magickal realm be it through divination/ intuitive counseling or spontaneous interactions. the souls she gravitates towards & who gravitate towards her are spiritual anarchist who rise above the layout of spiritualism believing in the power of individualism, the private artist who creates solely for the purpose of exhaling the innate creative breath, the lost/lone wolf who yearns for moments of human connection, the angels of the night who keep our johns tender-hearted by exercising their free will — she calls forth anyone possessing a fire inside who wishes for a healthy & honest explosion.

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located in brooklyn, new york

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p  : (908) 977 - 6908

photo of d.rivas by w.west