dora a. rivas

r e a d i n g s

r e a d i n g s


dora’s divination process blends the mystic knowledge of the numerology & symbolism of each card that present themselves, as well as the astrological archetypes that each card represents. while also allowing for her intuition to be completely accepting of any outside messages from her guides as well as the seeker’s.

the tools of divination she uses are tarot cards & traditional playing cards, presenting all options to the seeker & having them pick the deck that is calling to them.

a spread (the layout of the cards) is intuitively picked by dora based on the question at hand. the spreads mentioned below can be requested when booking a 60min+ reading :

  • the relationship spread — the most requested spread. the cards focus on the seeker & another being (animal, person, &/or spirit), revealing how the two view each other, where their relationship is coming from & where they are going.

  • the astrology horoscope spread — this spread focuses on the seeker’s houses, pulling a card for each house in order to elaborate on how the energies of each house will express themselves in the seeker’s life. it’s best if the birth time is known for a more personalized reading.

  • the choice spread — when multiple options present themselves this spread can help in making a choice by showing the seeker who they are currently & who they become, cards are picked for all options, the option(s) with the cards that feel connected to the self they should embody is the option the seeker should focus on.

  • the celtic cross spread — a common spread that is used when the seeker is looking for a very detailed answer into a particular question, going into the seeker’s internal & external world regarding the question.

p r i c i n g :

phone call : 30min - $33 / 60min - $55

travel to you : 60min - $80 / 90min - $100

paypal & venmo accepted

* complementary e-mail consultations regarding best timing &/or spread inquires

* poc / trans / mystic practitioner / bundle discounts available upon request