dora a. rivas


t a r o t   r e a d i n g s


my divination process blends the intuitive mind, mystic knowledge gained thru over a decade of solitary studies, & the energy field that flows outside & inside us all -- allowing me to communicate the imagery supplied by the tarot while also connecting to any out side forces that might need to come thru. I believe we are all born psychic, our roots settled much deeper than we could put into earthly words, even in our first waking moments on this plane. we call it our intuituin, & the older we become the chances of this inate scence of ours becomes more mystical than logical depending on our nurturing environment during sensitive years of human development our intuitive connection can become weakened.  to strengthen & sharpen my intuitive spirit i turned to the tarot a decade ago. studying the symbolism & archetypes of the images revealed in each card, my work has been internally connecting these teachings to human / animal nature & manifesting the lessons learnt into my reality. a powerful part of this practice of clearing the many eyes of the mind has been the opening of the heart. with this openness i am able to listen to nonverbal messages that human & animal bodies share with one another, it is an essence that exudes from ourselves into the world, it is how animals communicate, & is ultimately a shadow sense of our own. my mission with my work with divination is to intuitively communicate the images received, while honoring the ancient motifs & our inherent connection to nature. 



phone call or  skype/ facetime : 15min - $30 , 30min - $50

in person : 30min - $50 , 1 hr - $90