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ceremonial oils

c e r e m o n i a l o i l s


ceremonial oils are personalized aromas built with intent. similar to aromatherapy, in the regards that scent naturally triggers certain parts of the brain, only these oils penetrate deeper into the wearer’s intention by bringing mysticism into the mix. scent is an extremely wise sense & dora rivas believes if there are odors that are particularly unsettling to you there most likely is some nurturing that needs to take place involving the essence of said odor. the olfactory has been linked to our memory as well as our emotions, so with understanding this & the folklore connected to each note’s magical correspondence to the elements, the planets, numbers & the zodiac an oil is created & energetically charged after a thorough consultation regarding the wearer’s personal aim.

formulated with a mission in mind it should be advised that though these oils can certainly be treated as perfume, aromas vary & do not always appeal to certain palettes. if there is a particular scent you absolutely will not work with please let dora know upon consultation, along with any known allergies.

most requested oils :

  • tarot remedy — after a tarot reading an oil is created based on the advice/ lesson presented.

  • romantic oil — can be created to attract a particular person or radiated an overall aura of romanticism.

  • birth day oil — an aroma formulated based on the the zodiac, cardology & numerology of a date of birth.

  • ritual oil — for meditation/ mystical practices such as divination or moon work.

p r i c i n g :

10ml glass bottle w/ roll on : $34

1oz glass bottle w/ dropper : $52

+30min tarot reading : $30

paypal & venmo accepted

*e-mail consultations required for all orders

* poc / trans / mystic practitioner / bundle discounts available upon request

* ceremonial oils are made to order with all natural essential oil & fragrance blends in fractionated coconut oil.