dora a. rivas, of mexican & guatemalan blood — spanning across the southwest into the depths of south america her ancestors are her greatest ally in maneuvering through the mystical / spiritual world of the modern age. during adolescence is when she begins her solitary studies of the occult, slowly developing a personal practice of her own with an emphasis on the importance of constant growth / evolution. with an 11 life path number her affinity with mysticism runs deep, guiding her in the manifestation of spirit into the material world with a focus on the arts, perfumery, divination & plant incarnations.

in 2016 she began the workings of her aroma collection, mother yod : a journey into the court cards of the tarot via the olfactory. the court cards carrying the personality traits of the suit / elements that rule over them. mother yod was created with a concentration on the magical & elemental correspondence of each note, with the intention to help the wearer deepen their kinship with these elements in order to confidently embody the power of the court card they wish to connect with.

coming fall 2 0 1 9


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